Applications Browser

  • clicking on Applications Browser in the top left corner
  • clicking on Normalized Systems Editor in the World menu

Applications Browser shows applications found within the C:\NSF-3.0\workspace directory across all sourceBases (shown in gray bold). You can change the root folder in settings under Prime Radiant Root.

External Workspaces and Applications

If you need to work with application located elsewhere, use the Add External… button. The application will then become available in the listing. To select an application, navigate to the application’s XML file, e.g. C:\NSF-3.0\otherWorkspace\projectX\applications\appX\model\appX.xml

External locations can be removed by right-clicking and selecting the remove option.

File-based and Directory-Based Components

A separate tab is available for applications with directory-based, and file-based components. The detection is based on whether such component exists, i.e. having a component exported in both formats will make the application available in both tabs. Application saved from the modeler will preserve this opening choice.

Supported Formats

The modeler supports reading and writing both file-based and directory-based formats.

Saving format is based on the reading one, so when a file-based application is read, it will also be saved as file-based.

If both types are available on the disk, then directory-based will be chosen. Trello [jZwFfkq4]

For loading applications outside of the default root, the following applies.

Structured Format

Structured format is same as the default one, but can be anywhere on the disk. Note that although the example depicts file-based format, directory is also supported.

(some folder)

Older format with application XML located in /applications/appName/model/appName directory is also supported.

Flat Format

Practical for an easy exchange, where both the application, and all its components are next to each other. This format is intended for file-based exports:

(some folder)