Component Diagram

Customizing Views

By default, all Data Elements, Fields, and Link Fields from a Component are shown.

To show only a subset of entities, several options are available.

Manual Manipulation

Right-clicking an Element in a Diagram opens a context menu with a submenu related to showing and hiding of content.

Option Description
Hide Hide the selected element(s) from the view.
Hide neighbors Hide all elements linking to or linked to the selected Data Element.
Show neighbors Show all elements linking to or linked to the selected Data Element.
Show outgoing neighbors Show only elements that the Data Element is linking to, but not vice versa.
Show target Show Data Element and link to it for the selected Link Field.
Hide target Hide Data Element and link to it for the selected Link Field.
Show relation Show link to a Data Element if the Data Element is visible.
Hide relation Hide link to a Data Element, but keep the Data Element visible.

Show/Hide Elements UI

  • Show/Hide Elements button in Diagram toolbar
  • Show/Hide Elements in Editor submenu

Data Element Types Filter

With this UI, you can quickly show or hide Data Elements based on their types.


Manual Selection

For a detailed and manual control, elements and their links can be chosen by hand.


Scripting (Advanced, Experimental)

The content of the diagram can also be scripted, which is especially useful if we want to choose elements based on their internal properties without needing to check each element by hand.


A help is provided alongside the script.


Dragging elements automatically snaps them to the grid. To disable this behavior, hold the <shift> key when dragging.


Right-clicking in a diagram opens a context menu where some portions of the model can be shown or hidden. Note that these options can also be changed via regular settings.


Diagram context menu


At the moment, this configuration is global. If you have two windows opened, it will be applied to both of them.

Show Children

List all Data Children of the Data Element. Data Children within the same component are shown without the component name (Order::person).

../_images/showChildren-off.png ../_images/showChildren-on.png

Show Data Options

../_images/showDataOptions-off.png ../_images/showDataOptions-on.png

Show Field Options

../_images/showFieldOptions-off.png ../_images/showFieldOptions-on.png

Show Finders

../_images/showFinders-off.png ../_images/showFinders-on.png

Show Finder Options

../_images/showFinderOptions-off.png ../_images/showFinderOptions-on.png


showFinders must also be enabled for the finder options to be visible.

Show Validation Warnings

Show a small indicator that there is an issue with the Data Element or some of its submodel. E.g. there is an issue Data Element’s field or finder. Clicking on the button opens a scoped validation in inspector.

../_images/showValidationWarnings-off.png ../_images/showValidationWarnings-on.png