Error Reporting & Tracking

  • (top toolbar) > Settings


Automated reporting is enabled by default.

Error Reporting

All code errors are automatically reported.

Error report doesn’t contain any information from models, nor any variable data.

A typical report consists of the following:
  • code stack trace * (if Send Context Data is enabled, then variable data may be included)
  • additional tags such as versions of the modeler, modules, plugins, etc.
  • UUID4 identifier unique to each installation * i.e. any two installations on the same machine will have different UUIDs

Metrics Reporting

Additional metrics and information are sent only when both Enable Reporting and Automatic Submission are enabled.

These metrics/info contain information such as the time it took to open certain window, an unexpected situation that may lead to an error later, etc. But the same limitation applies as for error reporting – no model information or model-related variable data is sent, unless explicitly enabled via Send Context Data.

Automatic Submission

If you disable automated reporting, a “Report (Sentry)” button will appear in the Error box when an error occurs. Clicking on it will send the report in the same way an automated would.

Show Notifications

If Show Notifications is enabled, then every time an error report is being sent (whether manually, or automatically), a small notification in the corner will inform you that an error report was submitted and whether the submission succeeded.