Creating Flows


Creating a new flow

To create a Flow, you need a Primary Data Element. A Create flow icon will be available on the element. Clicking on this icon creates and configures the necessary underlying elements (such as Flow Element), and opens a new empty Flow diagram.

The icon is not available for non-Primary elements, unless a Flow has already existed, in which case you will be warned by PrimaryElementsWithFlows rule.


Opening Flows

Via Diagram

For Data Elements that already have Flow Elements running on them, the icon will have a different color, and opens an existing flow instead.


Opening an existing flow


Currently only one Flow per Data Element is supported in the diagram. If you have multiple flows, use the Tree explorer.

Via Tree Explorer

../_images/tree-project.png ../_images/tree-component.png

Alternatively you can open a Flow diagram by double-clicking on a Flow or a Flow Element in either the Project Tree, or for an active Component diagram in its Model Tree.

Removing Flows

The permanently remove a Flow and its Flow Element, right-click on a Flow or a Flow element in a Tree Explorer and choose the Delete option.