• (top toolbar) > Editor > Spotter
  • ctrl+F

Spotter is a tool for spotting (finding) model entities such as DataElements and Fields when in a Component editor, and Tasks and States when the Flow editor is opened. Pressing <enter> on an entity will select the same entity in the diagram and center the diagram view on it.

Filtering Categories

ctrl+shift+* (where * is a first letter of a group) filters the results to the specified category. E.g. ctrl+shift+D shows only Data Elements. Alternatively hash (#) followed by a group name (or part of the name) can be typed into the search bar to achieve the same. E.g. type #f to filter only fields.


(only for Data Elements)

Pressing the dive icon (blue arrow, or ctrl+right) when a Data Element is selected will shows its fields and additional actions, such as adding the given Data Element to the Diagram Views.

For other entities no dive-in context is available at the moment.